Important considerations when hiring a trucking accident lawyer


When considering hiring a trucking accident lawyer, the amount of money compensation you receive will largely be determined by how the attorney you choose to represent you handles your case.  It is important for your lawyer to understand collisions involving large commercial trucks or tractor-trailers are different than automobile wrecks.  Why?  The companies and drivers who are licensed to operate large trucks are professionals.  Professionals are held to a higher standard of conduct than an ordinary person driving a car.  Becuase large trucks – often weighing 80,000 pounds – can inflict severe and catastrophic damage, companies and drivers are required to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  These regulations govern the standards of safety conduct for truck companies.  All companies and drivers are trusted by the public to follow them.  If companies and their drivers choose not to follow these rules and someone gets injured, the trucking company is responsible for those injuries.


Seldom is a truck collision caused by a simple mistake.  Instead, the “mistakes” are usually preventable acts that should not have happened because a truck company chose to ignore important rules.  For example, a trucker can become fatigued because a company pushes him to make an unrealistic delivery deadline.  Driver fatigue is a major cause of truck collisions.  Many trucking companies are motivated to bend or break the rules in order to increase profits.


Another major contributer to truck collisions that cause injuries to people is lack of safety training of drivers. Many truck companies are more interested in making as many deliveries as possible, rather than ensuring professional drivers are properly trained.  It’s not enough simply to check if the driver has a commercial driver license; a company must do more.  It must have regular evaluations of its drivers and must provide continuing safety training to make sure drivers don’t needlessly harm people.


Don’t settle for anything less than full compensation.  Hire a truck accident attorney who has handled and will give your case the attention it deserves.


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