Common symptoms of MTBI

As said in our introduction, a person experiencing mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) may appear normal.  Most people you have suffered MTBI can still walk, talk and function.  However, some functions will remain compromised.  Even in patients who do not lose consciousness, a diffuse injury can result in difficulty concentrating, focusing, multi-tasking, and those persons may be easily distracted.  Here is why: in a normal human brain, we have the ability do more than one thing at a time.  For example, most uninjured people can read something and also hear music at the same time, without major disruption.

For those with MTBI, this process may not be possible because a distraction tends to “short circuit” everything.  They tend only to be able to focus on the task and can become easily disrupted by other stimulation.  In computer terms, it’s like the person has less bandwidth and can’t process more than one function, causing the processing to shut down.

Because doctors often can’t or don’t recognize the signs of  a brain injury, the injury becomes frustrating to those around the person with the injury.  He or she may become slow or unable to participate in conversations.

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